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The Power of Song & the Memory

It’s weird how everything has healed from the past and everything has dispersed/been forgotten for the most part….

And then you start listening to old songs from those times that you clung to so deeply at that point in time….

And you’ve just ripped off the mental bandaid you placed upon that memory that you’ve built such walls up around.

The upheaval of emotions feels familiar yet oddly distant. Like, did that actually happen? Time alters all. However the emotions cling to the bare strand of fabric that is weaved into the very elaborate cloth that is your memory.

Impact. At the first sound of the song it hits you like a truck to the heart. Can be a positive hit or a negative one depending on the memory. But normally the negative memory’s hit the hardest.
And then your brain is thrusted into full force. Clearing the very fog that time had created over these past memories. Placing the reel on the movie screen that is your mind.
As the brain begins to start the reel, you start to see the memory flash through your head. You feel that very emotion you had when you incorporated it with that specific song.
You may feel some emotions that you long ago left behind. With the stale taste of that time in your life lingering within you.
After the song is over you may just sit there and ponder the reaction that just took place. Shocked perhaps that you can feel those emotions all again due to simply a song. You may cry. You may be pissed that you went back to that time/ memory again. You may be confused with how a song can impact you so fiercely. You may just replay the song again curious to the strength of it. Or you may replay it wanting to relive that memory. Or you might just delete it, praying that you can avoid that song basically forever.

The power of sound.

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