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"I just want someone to sit around with me all day and we read books together, do multiple pieces of art that takes hours, drink hot tea out of nice tea cups, listen/compare new music we’ve found, and talk about life as well as the universe together."

- wherethetruthisat
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"I go back and forth every single day,
the clarity that comes to me in a choppy way,
as the feelings
and the places
and the seasons change,
the galaxies remain.
Energy fields cone the body in space.
The angels that are coming from a spiritual waste.
The hate that gets me distant from my spiritual pace.
Ten fold the manna when the planets are in place, in polar alignment.
We’re on assignment.
Bodies on consignment.
Return them to the circus,
and what is the purpose?
What is the purpose and would you believe it?
Would you believe it if you knew what you were for,
and how you became so informed.
Bodies of info performing such miracles.
I am a miracle made up of particles
and in this existence,
I’ll stay persistent,
and I’ll make a difference
and I will have lived it."

- Nahko Bear lyrics in the song "Aloha Ke Akua"
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Play some music with roots from India, light some incense, read a book on mindfulness, then do some light yoga. After the a few incense sticks have burned out, turn off the music, and sit on a mat on the floor to finish on the good vibrations with a wonderful 20 minute meditation session.

repeat daily.

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Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (doorly remix)
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LMFAO b a d c
it’s one giant rave 3 days straight in miami, people get crazy b a d c
Ultra Fest 2011David Guetta:
The Grammy-winning French DJ-producer threw a wild party onstage during his set Sunday night. “He had Flo Rida,, and Afrojack all join him during his set,” says Witlen. 

"They were drinking, laughing, having fun. At end of his set, two people dressed as robots fired lasers and pyro from a gun, and fireworks were exploding everywhere. He asked the festival’s producers to shut off lights, then he told the crowd to take out their cellphones and lighters and light up the sky." b a d c
this shit is priceless b a d c
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