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I didn’t know that trying to have an Out of Body Experience could shoot kundalini in full throttle!

No one told me this… Nor was it mentioned directly in any of the books I’ve read…

I keep hearing different sound wave frequencies… Back in forth in my head some stronger or very weak…. Tonight I might sleep with earplugs in maybe that will help.

I also experienced extreme heat while trying to have an OBE, like sweat pouring all around me while I’m stuck in paralysis trance! I’m like.. “Okay maybe it’s just my covers…” But it just kept increasing like I was sitting in a sauna on 102+ degrees all over my body (particularly my spine and head). So I had to open my eyes and breath differently to snap out of it, then rip by sheets off of me while drenched in sweat.. I thought this was weird because I hadn’t read this as a symptom for an OBE… I have come to realize I only induced kundalini more so…

(I then went on to trying to have an OBE a second time and the same thing happened while my heart chakra went crazy)

If anyone has experienced this before, please help me understand more of what is going on… Thank you.

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